La Bionda/ Tune It Up/High Energy/1979

R. Stewart/Sailing/Atlantic Crossing/1975

Funkadelic/ Maggot Brain/Maggot Brain/1971

Ritchie Blacmore’s Rainbow/ Temple Of The King/Ritchie Blacmore’s Rainbow/1975

Santana/ Hope You’re Feeling Better/Abraxas/1970

Van Morrison/ It’s Alright/Milllenium Collection/1999

Ragnarok/ Nybakat Brod (Freshbaked Bread)/Ragnorok/1976

Creedence Clearwater Revival/ Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Pendulum/1970

M. Zbirka/Four Year Seasons/Light Of My Life/1982

Rufus Zuphall/ Knight Of 3rd Degree/Weiss Der Teufel/1971

Ten Years After/ Think About The Times/Watt/1970

Deep Purple/Shield/The Book Of Taliesyn/1969

Fleetwood Mac/Peacekeeper/Say You Will/2003

The Flower Kings/Go West Judas/Back In The World Of Adventures/1995

Creedence Clearwater Revival/Hey Tonight/Pendulum/1970

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/Drowning On Dry Land/Fish Soup/Watch/1978

Omega/Emlek/200 Years After The Last War/1974

Ragnarok/Windows And Mirrors/Path/2008

Caravan/ A Hunting We Shall Go/For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night/1973

D. Crosby & G. Nash/ Whole Cloth/1972/1972