Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/Angels At My Gate/Angel Station/1979

Deep Purple/April/1969/1969

Воскресенье/Музыкант/Кто виноват/1993

Bad Company/100 Miles/Holy Water/1990

Cat Stevens/Lady D’Arbanville/Mona Bone Jakon/1970

Kiss/ Sure Know Something /Dynasty/1979

Paul And Linda McCartney/Heart Of The Country/Ram/1971

Queen/ The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke /II/1974

Camel/ Another Night /Moonmadness/1976

Steve Miller Band/Slinky/Living In The 20-th Century/1986

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band / Earth Hymn /The Good Earth/1974

Ragnarok/ Dog 1 /Path/2008

Creedence Clearwater Revival/ Walk On The Water /Creedence Clearwater Revival/1968

Bread/Too Much Love/Manna/1971

Jesus Christ Superstar./ Pilats Dream/ The Temple /A Rock Opera by A. L.Webber And T. Rice /1970

Queen/ Killer Queen /Sheer Heart Attack/1974

Procol Harum/ Fires (Which Burnt Brightly) /Grand Hotel/1973

Deep Purple/ Smoke On The Water /Made In Japan/1972

Canned Heat/ That’s All Right/Historical Figures And Ancient Heads/1972

Omegа/ Nelruled/Idorablo/1977