Led Zeppelin/Since I’ve Been Loving You/III/1970

Omega/Ezust Eso/Gammapolis/1979

R. Stewart/ Still Love You/Atlantic Crossing/1975

Steve Miller Band/ I Want To Make The World Turn Around/Living In The 20-th Century/1986

The Doobie Brothers/ For Someone Special/Takin’ It To The Streets/1976

The Moody Blues/ Blue World /The Present/1983

Camel/ For Today /A Nod And A Wink/2002

Red Hot Chili Peppers/ Scar Tissue /Californication/1999

Blind Faith/ Do What You Like/Blind Faith/1969

Blue Oyster Cult/ Lonely Teardrops/Mirrors/1979

Creedence Clearwater Revival/ I Put A Spell On You/Creedence Clearwater Revival/1968

Deep Purple/Child In Time/In Rock/1970

Focus/Sneezing Bull/Focus Con Proby/1977

Nazareth/Love Leads To Madness/2X2/1982

J. Bruce-R. Trower/Lives Of Clay/ Seven Moon/2008

M. Oldfield/Crystal Clear/The Songs Of Distance Earth/1994

Ragnarok/ Farvel Kopenhamn (Goodbye Copenhagen)/Ragnorok/1976

Return To Forever/Sorceress/Romantic Warrior/1976

Uriah Heep/Lady In Black/Salisbury/1970

Deep Purple/Lalena/1969/1969