Deep Purple//Demon’s Eye//Fireball/1971

J. Joplin//Cry Baby//Pearl/1970

Journey//Who’s Crying Now//Escape/1981

Traffic//Sad And Deep As You//Welcome To The Canteen/1971

P. McCartney and Wings//Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five//Band On The Run/1973

Uriah Heep//Weep In Silence //High And Mighty/1975

Sweet//Yesterday’s Rain//Give Us A Wink/1976

Metallica//Nothing Else Matters//Metallica/1991

Deep Purple//Pictures Of Home//Machine Head/1972

R. Plant//Darkness, Darkness//Dreamland/2002

Uriah Heep//We Got Me//Wonderworld/1974

Foreigner//I Want To Know What Love Is//Agent Provocateur/1984

Uriah Heep//Love Or Nothing//Fallen Angel/1978

Rare Bird//Sympathy//1-st/1970

Eloy//End Of An Odyssey//Time To Turn/1982

Snowy White & The White Flames//Bird Of Paradise//The Way It Is…/2004

Toto//Without Your Love//Fahrenheit/1986

Uriah Heep//Dreams//Wonderworld/1974

Metallica//My Friend Of Misery//Metallica/1991

King Crimson//The Night Watch//Starless And Bible Black/1974