Still Life/ People In Black/Still Life/1971



Uriah Heep/ Circus/Sweet Freedom/1973



Weed/Lonely Ship/Weed with Ken Hensley/1971



Accept/Can’t Stand The Night/Breaker/1981



Andwella/Michael Fitzhenry/Wold’s End/1970



Lita Ford/Close My Eyes Forever (With Ozzy Osbourne)/Lita/1988



Omega/Gyongyhaju Lany (Girl With Pearls In Her Hair)/10 000 Lepes/1969



Eagles/Waiting In The Weeds/Long Road Out Of Eden/2007


Kansas/‍Dust In The Wind/Point Of Know Return/1977


Rolling Stones/Angie/Goats Head Soup/1973


Wishbone Ash/Leaf and Stream/Argus/1972


Atomic Rooster/Winter/Atomic Rooster/1970


Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux/Guardian Angel/Eli/1976


Led Zeppelin / No Quarter/Houses Of The Holy/1973


Santana /Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile)/Amigos/1976


Slade /Coz I Luv You/Sladest/1973


Stevie Wonder /Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away/Fulfillingness First Finale/1974


Styx/Boat On The River/Cornerstone/1979


Titanic/Rock N Roll Loser/Ballad Of A Rock N Roll Loser/1975


A. Price/Poor People/O Lucky Man /1973


Adam And The Ants/Los Rancheros/Kings Of The Frontier/1980


Aerosmith/Amazing/Ultimate Aerosmith Hits/2002


America /Sister Golden Hair/Hearts/1975


Argent/The Feeling Inside/Argent/1970


Asia/Kings Of The Day/Aura/2001


Rockville Junction/Lady Gwynn/Lord Protect Me From My Friends/1974


Black Sabbath/She’s Gone / Technical Ecstasy /1976


AC/DC/Let There Be Rock/Let There Be Rock/1977


Barclay James Harvest/ Child Of The Universe /Everyone Is Everybody Else /1974


Budgie/ Wondering What Everyone Knows/In For The Kill! /1974


The Band/Christmas Must Be Tonight/Islands/1977


Blood Sweat & Tears/You’re The One/More Than Ever/1976


Black Sabbath/Planet Caravan/Paranoid/1970


Black Sabbath/All Moving Parts (Stand Still)/Technical Ecstasy/1976


Bee Gees/Stain’ Alive/Saturday Night Fever/1977


Bloodrock/Gotta Find A Way/Bloodrock/1970




R. Stewart/How Long/Tonight I’m Yours/1981


Beatles/Oh! Darling/Abbey Road/1969


Alquin/I Wish I Could/Marks/1972


The Alan Parsons Project/Winding Me Up/Eve/1979


Caravan/Loves A Friend/ In The Land Of Grey And Pink/1971


Abba/Eagle/The Album/1977


Barclay James Harvest/Poor Man Moody Blues /Gone To Earth/1977


Chicken Shack/Sad Clown /Accept/1970


Emerson Lake & Palmer/From The Beginning /Trilogy/1972


Little River Band/Days On The Road /Diamantia Cocktail/1977


Rod Stewart/Jealous /Tonight I’m Yours/1981


T.Rex/Girl /Electric Warrior/1971


Chicken Shack/Andalucian Blues/Accept/1970


Fleetwood Mac/Dreams/Rumours/1977


Led Zeppelin/Babe I’m Gonna Leave You/1969/1969


The Beatles/Don’t Let Me Down/Hey Jude/1970


Led Zeppelin/Stairway To Heaven/1971/1971


D. Bowie/ This Not America /Best Of Bowie/2002


The Beatles/Girl/Rubber Soul/1965


Fleetwood Mac/The Chain/Rumours/1977


M.S.G/ What Happens To Me/Nightmare. The Acoustic M.S.G./1992


Men At Work/Down Under/Business As Usial/1981


Bad Company/ Ready For Love /Bad Co./1974


Badfinger/ Without You /The Best Of Badfinger/1995


А. Макаревич/ Варьете /Песни под гитару/1989


Led Zeppelin/ Achilles Last Stand /Presence/1976


Boney M/ Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night /Nightflight To Venus/1978


M.S.G/ Anytime /Nightmare. The Acoustic M.S.G./1992


The Beatles/ Michelle/Rubber Soul/1965


Barclay James Harvest/ Back To The Wall/Turn Of The Tide/1981


Black Sabbath/ The Writ/Sabotage/1975


Fleetwood Mac/ Oh Daddy/Rumours/1977


Badfinger/Carry On Till Tomorrow/The Best Of Badfinger/1995


Chris Norman/Gypsy Queen/There And Back/2013


Geordie/Natural Born Looser/Hope You Like It/1973


Rick Miller/The Journey/Falling Through Rainbows/2009


Fleetwood Mac/Rhiannon/1975/1975


P. Gabriel/Mercy Street/So/1986


Led Zeppelin/All My Love/In Through The Out Door/1979


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/Cloudy Eyes/Messin’/1973


The Beatles/While My Guitar Gently Weeps/1968/1968


А. Макаревич/Мой приятель-художник/Песни под гитару/1989


B.Ferry/All Alone The Watchtower/Dylanesque/2007


Focus/Happy Nightmare (Mescaline)/In And Out Of Focus/1970




Free/Mourning Sad Morning/Free/1969


The Beatles/Yesterday/Help/1965


Livin’ Blues/Blue Breeze/Blue Breeze /1997


Mountain/Highway 61 Revisited/Masters Of War/2007


Fleetwood Mac/Love That Burns/English Rose/1969


Free/Child/Free At Last/1972


G. Moore/Still Got The Blues/Still Got The Blues/1990


J. Lennon/Plastic Ono Band/Hold On/1970/1970


The Flock/Store Bought – Store Thought/The Flock/1969


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/I’be Gone/The Good Earth/1974


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Van Morrison/T.B. Sheets/Milllenium Collection/1999


Fleetwood Mac/Hypnotized/Mystery To Me/1973


P. Gabriel/Exit Through You/Big Blue Ball/2008


Joe Bonamassa/Happier Times/The Ballad Of John Henry/2009


10 СС/I’m Not In Love/The Original Soundtrack1975


Beggars Opera/Pathfinder/Pathfinder/1972


J. Lennon_Plastic Ono Band/Love/1970/1970


Fleetwood Mac with Christine Perfect/I’m On My Way/Albatross/1977


Free/Goin’ Down Slow/Tons Of Sobs/1968


G.Moore/As The Years Go Passing By/Still Got The Blues/1990


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J. Lennon & Yoko Ono/I’m Losing You/Double Fantasy/1980


Fleetwood Mac/Illume/Say You Will/2003


Mountain/Masters Of War/Masters Of War/2007


Belle Epoque/Miss Broadway /Miss Broadway/1977


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/ Don’t Kill It Carol /Angel Station/1979


Czesław Niemen/ Dziwny jest ten świat /Dziwny jest ten świat/1967


J.Lennon/Plastic Ono Band/ Look At Me /1970/1970


R. Stewart/I Don’t Want To Talk About It/Atlantic Crossing/1975


Bread/Baby I’m – A Want You/Baby I’m – A Want You/1972


Led Zeppelin/Whole Lotta Love/II/1969


Santana/Black Magic Woman (Gypsy Queen)/Abraxas/1970


The Flock/Truth/The Flock/1969


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Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow/Catch The Rainbow/Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow/1975


Omega/Egy Nehez Ev Utan/200 Years After The Last War/1974


Baby/The World Is Waiting For You/Where Did All The Money Go?/1976


F. Zappa/Yo’ Mama/Sheik Yerbouti/1979


Led Zeppelin/Trampled Under Foot/Physical Graffiti/1975


Fleetwood Mac with Christine Perfect/Albatross/Albatross/1977


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/Spirits In The Night/Nightingales And Bombers/1975


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J. Lennon_Plastic Ono Band/God/1970/1970


L. Buckingham/Go Insane/Go Insane/1984


La Bionda/I Got Your Number/High Energy/1979


R. Stewart/It’s Not The Spotlight/Atlantic Crossing/1975


Bread/Dream Lady/Baby I’m – A Want You/1972


Gov’t Mule/Mother Earth/Gov’t Mule/1995




Santana/Samba Pa Ti/Abraxas/1970



Carmen/High Time/The Gypsies/1975


Mountain/Seven Days/Masters Of War/2007


Bad Company/Stranger Than Fiction/Here Comes Trouble/1992


Graham Nash/Prison Song/Wild Tales/1975


Kiss/I Was Made For Lovin’ You/Dynasty/1979


Manfred Mann ’06 With Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/The History Of Sexual Jealousy/2006/2006


Fleetwood Mac/A’m So Afraid/1975/1975


Camel/ Slow Yourself Down/1973/1973


Craig Chaquico/ Dream Date/Midnight Noon/2004


Воскресенье/ Кто Виноват?/Кто виноват?/1993


La Bionda/ Listen To My Heart/High Energy/1979


Uriah Heep/Bird Of Prey/Salisbury/1970


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/ Visionary Mountains/Nightingales And Bombers/1975


Led Zeppelin/Since I’ve Been Loving You/III/1970


Omega/Ezust Eso/Gammapolis/1979


R. Stewart/ Still Love You/Atlantic Crossing/1975


Steve Miller Band/ I Want To Make The World Turn Around/Living In The 20-th Century/1986


The Doobie Brothers/ For Someone Special/Takin’ It To The Streets/1976


The Moody Blues/ Blue World /The Present/1983


Camel/ For Today /A Nod And A Wink/2002


Red Hot Chili Peppers/ Scar Tissue /Californication/1999


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Blue Oyster Cult/ Lonely Teardrops/Mirrors/1979


Creedence Clearwater Revival/ I Put A Spell On You/Creedence Clearwater Revival/1968


Deep Purple/Child In Time/In Rock/1970


Focus/Sneezing Bull/Focus Con Proby/1977


Nazareth/Love Leads To Madness/2X2/1982


J. Bruce-R. Trower/Lives Of Clay/ Seven Moon/2008


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Return To Forever/Sorceress/Romantic Warrior/1976


Uriah Heep/Lady In Black/Salisbury/1970


Deep Purple/Lalena/1969/1969


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/Angels At My Gate/Angel Station/1979


Deep Purple/April/1969/1969


Воскресенье/Музыкант/Кто виноват/1993


Bad Company/100 Miles/Holy Water/1990


Cat Stevens/Lady D’Arbanville/Mona Bone Jakon/1970


Kiss/ Sure Know Something /Dynasty/1979


Paul And Linda McCartney/Heart Of The Country/Ram/1971


Queen/ The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke /II/1974


Camel/ Another Night /Moonmadness/1976


Steve Miller Band/Slinky/Living In The 20-th Century/1986


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band / Earth Hymn /The Good Earth/1974


Ragnarok/ Dog 1 /Path/2008


Creedence Clearwater Revival/ Walk On The Water /Creedence Clearwater Revival/1968


Bread/Too Much Love/Manna/1971


Jesus Christ Superstar./ Pilats Dream/ The Temple /A Rock Opera by A. L.Webber And T. Rice /1970


Queen/ Killer Queen /Sheer Heart Attack/1974


Procol Harum/ Fires (Which Burnt Brightly) /Grand Hotel/1973


Deep Purple/ Smoke On The Water /Made In Japan/1972


Canned Heat/ That’s All Right/Historical Figures And Ancient Heads/1972


Omegа/ Nelruled/Idorablo/1977


La Bionda/ Tune It Up/High Energy/1979


R. Stewart/Sailing/Atlantic Crossing/1975


Funkadelic/ Maggot Brain/Maggot Brain/1971


Ritchie Blacmore’s Rainbow/ Temple Of The King/Ritchie Blacmore’s Rainbow/1975


Santana/ Hope You’re Feeling Better/Abraxas/1970


Van Morrison/ It’s Alright/Milllenium Collection/1999


Ragnarok/ Nybakat Brod (Freshbaked Bread)/Ragnorok/1976


Creedence Clearwater Revival/ Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Pendulum/1970


M. Zbirka/Four Year Seasons/Light Of My Life/1982


Rufus Zuphall/ Knight Of 3rd Degree/Weiss Der Teufel/1971


Ten Years After/ Think About The Times/Watt/1970


Deep Purple/Shield/The Book Of Taliesyn/1969


Fleetwood Mac/Peacekeeper/Say You Will/2003


The Flower Kings/Go West Judas/Back In The World Of Adventures/1995


Creedence Clearwater Revival/Hey Tonight/Pendulum/1970


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/Drowning On Dry Land/Fish Soup/Watch/1978


Omega/Emlek/200 Years After The Last War/1974


Ragnarok/Windows And Mirrors/Path/2008


Caravan/ A Hunting We Shall Go/For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night/1973


D. Crosby & G. Nash/ Whole Cloth/1972/1972


Deep Purple/ Bloodsucker/In Rock/1970


Fleetwood Mac/ Crystal/1975/1975


Queen/ Funny How Love Is/II/1974


Uriah Heep/ Salisbury/Salisbury/1970


Ragnarok/ Promenader (Walks)/Ragnorok/1976


Free/ Wishing Well/Heartbreaker/1973


R. Stewart/ This Old Heart Of Mine/Atlantic Crossing/1975


Paul And Linda McCartney/ Monkberry Moon Delight/Ram/1971


Kiss/ Dirty Livin’/Dynasty/1979


Creedence Clearwater Revival/(Wish I Could) Hideaway/Pendulum/1970


G. Moore/Midnight Blues/Still Got The Blues/1990


Graham Nash/And So It Goes/Wild Tales/1975


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band/Chicago Institute/Watch/1978


Omegа/Ejfeli Koncert/Idorablo/1977


Paul Simon/Duncan/1972/1972


Queen/Tenement Funster/Flick Of The Wrist/Lily Of The Valley/Sheer Heart Attack/1974


R. Stewart/I’d Rather Go Blind/Never A Dull Moment/1972




Rick Miller/Sancity/Immortal Remains/2013


Grand Funk Railroad/ We’re An American Band /We’re An American Band/1973


Scenker-Barden/ Summerdays /In The Midst Of Beauty/2008


Smokie/ I’ll Meet You At Midnight /Midnight Café/1976


Steve Miller Band/ Maelstrom /Living In The 20-th Century/1986


The Alan Bown//Listen & Stretching Out/1970/1971


The Doobie Brothers/ Dark Eyed Cajun Woman /The Captain And Me/1973


Unitopia/ Give And Take /The Garden/2008


Queen/We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions/News Of The World/1977


Supermax/Hollywood/Tapes Of Skin/1980


Ten Years After/Love Like A Man/Cricklewood Green/1970


Smokie/What Can I Do/Midnight Café/1976


Deep Purple/Sail Away/Burn/1974


The Pretty Things/Love Is Good/Freeway Madness/1970


Foreigner/ Double Vision /Double Vision/1978


J. Lennon/ Imagine /Imagine/1971


The Rolling Stones/ Heart Of Stone /Heart Of Stone/1965


Creedence Clearwater Rivival/ Who’ll Stop The Rain/Cosmo’s Factory/1970


Deep Purple/ The Gypsy/Stormbringer/1974


Foreigner/ Lonely Children/Double Vision/1978


The Rolling Stones//If You Really Want To Be My Friend//It’s Only Rock’n’Roll/1974


Van Halen//Intruder/(Oh) Pretty Woman//Diver Down/1982


Big Brother & The Holding Company//Summertime//Cheap Thrills/1968


Slade//Far Far Away// In Flame/1974


Cat Stevens//The Foreigner Suite//Foreigner/1973


Foreigner//Waiting For A Girl Like You//4/1981


Sweet//The Lies In Your Eyes//Give Us A Wink/1976


The Rolling Stones//Time Waits For No One//It’s Only Rock’n’Roll/1974


Chris Rea//Looking For The Summer//The Journey 1978-2009/


J. J. Cale//It’s Hard To Tell//Guitar Man/1996


P. McCartney and Wings//Mrs Vanderbilt//Band On The Run/1973


Talking Heads//Road To Nowhere//Little Creatures/1985


Three Dog Night//Anytime Babe//Hard Labor/1974


Uriah Heep//Come Back To Me//Fallen Angel/1978


UFO//Belladonna//No Heavy Petting/1976


Chris Rea//The Road To Hell (Part 2)//The Journey 1978-2009/


Foreigner//Girl On The Moon//4/1981


Journey//In My Lonely Feeling/Conversation//Journey/1975


P. McCartney and Wings//Let Me Roll It//Band On The Run/1973


Slade//Look Wot You Done//Sladest/1973


Three Dog Night//The Show Must Go On//Hard Labor/1974


Uriah Heep//Pilgrim//Sweet Freedom/1973


Deep Purple//Demon’s Eye//Fireball/1971


J. Joplin//Cry Baby//Pearl/1970


Journey//Who’s Crying Now//Escape/1981


Traffic//Sad And Deep As You//Welcome To The Canteen/1971


P. McCartney and Wings//Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five//Band On The Run/1973


Uriah Heep//Weep In Silence //High And Mighty/1975


Sweet//Yesterday’s Rain//Give Us A Wink/1976


Metallica//Nothing Else Matters//Metallica/1991


Deep Purple//Pictures Of Home//Machine Head/1972


R. Plant//Darkness, Darkness//Dreamland/2002


Uriah Heep//We Got Me//Wonderworld/1974


Foreigner//I Want To Know What Love Is//Agent Provocateur/1984


Uriah Heep//Love Or Nothing//Fallen Angel/1978


Rare Bird//Sympathy//1-st/1970


Eloy//End Of An Odyssey//Time To Turn/1982


Snowy White & The White Flames//Bird Of Paradise//The Way It Is…/2004


Toto//Without Your Love//Fahrenheit/1986


Uriah Heep//Dreams//Wonderworld/1974


Metallica//My Friend Of Misery//Metallica/1991


King Crimson//The Night Watch//Starless And Bible Black/1974


R. Wakeman//Wooly Willy Tango//Rhapsodies/1979


Thin Lizzy//Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In The Spotlight)// Greatest Hits/2005


Tremeloes// Suddenly You Love Me //The Very Best Of…/1972


Scorpions// Born To Touch Your Feelings //Taken By Force/1977


Three Dog Night// I’d Be So Happy //Hard Labor/1974


Deep Purple// Woman From Tokyo// Who Do We Think We Are/1973


D. Gilmour//There’s No Way Out Of Here//1978/1978


Mainhorse//More Tea Vicar//Mainhorse/1971


UFO//Try Me//Lights Out/1977


Thin Lizzy//Parisienne Walkway (With Gary Moore)//Greatest Hits/2005


S. Wonder//You Haven’t Done Nothin’//Fulfillingness’ First Finale/1974


Warhorse//I (Who Have Nothing)//Red Sea/1971


Uriah Heep//Fallen Angel//Fallen Angel/1978